The quality policy of ZINCOBRE INGENIERÍA, S.L. is complemented with mission, vision and values declarations that are indicated as follows and that have been established in a consensus form and with the agreement of all interests’ groups of the organization


ZINCOBRE INGENIERÍA, S.L. is engaged with the clients in the research of efficiency and responsibility of non-ferrous metals sectors promoting and developing different projects with a professional and experienced team that leads the change and gives flexible solutions


We are decided to become the unique world reference business partner for new projects in non-ferrous metals field whether new designs or remodelling projects and modernization of existing plants. We will give innovative solutions that will make a significative difference for our clients and for all the non-ferrous metals industry.


The Directorship of ZINCOBRE INGENIERIA, S.L., shows its commitment to the Quality Management System implemented giving its support with all resources and means at their reach, as well as staff training to be integrated and participated in the Quality Management System, because they must comply with the quality procedures and instructions relevant to their jobs.
With this we will provide a framework which will be used as a reference for the establishment and revision of the organization objectives based on the performance commitments of the requirements and the continuous improvement of the quality management system efficiency. Our commitments:
• To offer the best technical solutions at the most competitive price.
• To deliver products or services which satisfy the requirements of the clients as well as the legal and regulatory ones.
• To establish and keep a secure work environment which supports the production and delivery of high-quality products and services.
• The research and the action over the causes of the detected problems to prevent them and avoid their repetition. And in this way improving the quality and increasing the company responsibility, looking for the complete satisfaction of our clients through products which exceed their requirements.
• To establish business relationships of reciprocal trust with the clients as well as with the suppliers with the aim of improving the quality in all the aspects of using products as well as the acquired parts.
• Make available to public our quality policy for their information in our website www.zincobre.com
Provide an atmosphere which motivates each employee to use all their potential and to feel identified, responsible and proud of their work.



ZINCOBRE INGENIERIA , S.L                                      (HEADQUARTER)                                                                                                                           C/Doctor Aquilino Hurlé,33 bajo                  33.202 - Gijón                                                      Asturias  (Spain)                                                                                                                              Ph.:+ (34) 984 29 29 00                                                                                                                        E: zincobre@zincobre.es
ZINCOBRE INGENIERIA mexico,S.r.L cv                                                                                                                                                                          EDIFICIO WTC                                    C/MONTECITO,38-1ºLOCAL A OFICINA 14              COLONIA NAPOLES . DELEGACIÓN BENITO JUAREZ  03.810 - CIUDAD DE MEXICO (MEXICO)                                                                                             Ph.:+ (52) 55 9000 5046                                       E: zincobre@zincobre.es

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