About us

Zincobre Ingenieria, S.L. is an International Engineering devoted to Non-Ferrous Metals field. Founded in 2002 by a group of experts in Non-Ferrous Metals plants, with more than 40 years of experience, is determined to become the unique worldwide reference partner in the Non-Ferrous Metals sector, greenfield or revamping projects supplying innovative solutions that make a significant difference.

Has its own technology, and has developed a new generation of Zinc plant under the concept of «State-of-the-Art Cellhouse»​ that means great Technical and Environmental advantages. The first project where we apply this new technology was in the recent expansion project of Metalúrgica Met Mex Peñoles in Torreon, Mexico.

Zincobre Ingenieria S.L. is a world leader in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of Atmospheric Cooling TowersZACT© (more than 55 cooling towers around the world) with highly innovative patented technology that allows the cooling of fluids with high content in solids.

Our target is to provide the customer with the best response to their concerns at a competitive price ensuring that you will find in Zincobre Ingeniería not only a supplier but a technologist with extensive experience to provide «tailored solutions” in each case.

Our Mission

Zincobre Ingeniería is committed to customers search
for efficiency and competence in the non-ferrous field by
promoting and developing projects from feasibility reports
to start up of the plant and supply of equipment, with a
professional and experienced team that leads change and
provides flexible solutions

Our Vision

We are determined to become the unique worldwide
reference partner for new projects in the non-ferrous
field, be those greenfield or revamping.
We will supply innovative solutions that will make a
significant difference for our customers and for the
non-ferrous industry as a whole.

Our skills


  • Technology / Know How Transfer

  • Conceptual, Basic & Design Engineering

  • Processing Plant


  • Enviromental Studies

  • Bankable, Pre and Feasibility Studies

  • R&D Assistance / Services

  • Training in Zinc Smelters


  • Proprietary Equipment 

  • Erection and Start Up Supervision

  • Technical Assistance

  • Post Construction Services


  • Project Revamping of Equipment

  • Automation of existing plants

  • Atmospheric Cooling Towers refurbishment

Our Team

We believe that our responsibility also resides with our team, comprised of employees, collaborating companies and customers, working together for a common objective


Skilled engineers and senior professionals with depth knowledge and expericence in non-ferrous metals operations and projects development and implementation worldwide


The best expertise in advanced technologies and modern concepts for the Zinc industry, specifically in the Zinc Tank house and associated services, including Training and Start Up.


Advanced knowledge and developments in process control and automatization of machinery and equipment required for metals winning and the cell house.


Skilled experts in process development, integration and optimization applied on primary and secondary materials, aiming to provide the best technological solution.

Our Clients

ZINCOBRE INGENIERIA has extensive expertise in developing projects across remote locations around the world.  


ZINCOBRE INGENIERIA , S.L                                      (HEADQUARTER)                                                                                                                           C/Doctor Aquilino Hurlé,33 bajo                  33.202 - Gijón                                                      Asturias  (Spain)                                                                                                                              Ph.:+ (34) 984 29 29 00                                                                                                                        E: zincobre@zincobre.es
ZINCOBRE INGENIERIA mexico,S.r.L cv                                                                                                                                                                          EDIFICIO WTC                                    C/MONTECITO,38-1ºLOCAL A OFICINA 14              COLONIA NAPOLES . DELEGACIÓN BENITO JUAREZ  03.810 - CIUDAD DE MEXICO (MEXICO)                                                                                             Ph.:+ (52) 55 9000 5046                                       E: zincobre@zincobre.es

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