Grúas principales para manejo de cátodos


Manual, semi automatic, partial or full automatic over head cranes for EW-ER electrodes handling--Green or Brownfield Plants.

An added auxiliary crane per row is installed and used for the other housekeeping cell house duties to warranty the exclusive permanent duty and preventive maintenance of the main O/H cranes.

Overhead crane design and equipment supply by a technology supplier to a Zn or Cu producer looking to reduce CAPEX with heavy duty and feasible key Cell House equipment.

A maximum 300 seconds for electrodes out in, from cell to conditioning machines back to cell.

A relocation of electrodes within the standard location.

In option, thanks to an unique device, the electrodes could be relocated within 3mm of the design location.*

(* The electrodes are within the design silhouette)

In option, special features:

Hoods handling when applicable.
Back to back cell design.
Mechanized short circuit removal.
Sampling device.
Cathodes traceability system.
Cathodes surface quality analyser.
Cathodes weighing devices ( per unit or per bunch/load).
Applicable technology to cathodes of 3.6 m²

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